Tips to Maximize Email Marketing

Everyone is emailing

Electronic Mail (email) has, over the years, emerged as one of the most talked about frontiers for marketing enthusiasts across the globe.

  • Let’s face it; almost everyone now has an email address. From the dusty bowls of Kenya to the sprawling concrete citadels in the West, the explosion in internet connectivity has made it extremely easy for people to communicate.
  • Although the emergence of social media networks has diminished its comparative effectiveness, email still represents a potential goldmine for marketing strategists.

Tips on Effective Email Marketing

Successfully converting an email marketing campaign into leads and sales is not, however, a simple matter of flooding the internet with one’s emails. Far from it. The effective email marketing strategist follows a few simple steps;

  1. Don’t be a spammer.

If you have owned an email address for any given amount of time, you have probably received in your inbox an email from your dead Uncle’s lawyer, claiming that you are the sole beneficiary of a million dollar estate.

  • Any firm that hopes to run a successful email marketing strategy should not behave like one of these Nigerian scam artists.
  • While, admittedly, sending out a flood of unsolicited emails is bound to get you a click-through or two, it is more likely that this approach will not yield the desired results.
  • The best approach, involves the use of permission based emails. Rather than blindly sending out campaign material, it is much more effective to get people to voluntarily give you their contact details by getting them to register through your website.
  • The leads that you generate in this way are more likely to be converted into sales.


  1. Follow a potential client’s interests- List Segmentation

Email marketing is all about your ability to divide your mailing list into various segments, towards which you can better direct your campaign.  This is what is called List Segmentation.

  • From online retailers such as eBay and Amazon, to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, big companies have mastered the art of giving people what they want based on their previous searches.

Tips to Maximize Email Marketing

  • Based on the recent search history, eBay recently sends the offers like above.
  • An effective email marketing strategy does not just flood people’s inboxes with spam.
  • To be successful, you actually need to send emails that are tailor made for particular people’s particular needs, based on their previous interaction with you (through your website or by any other means.)
  • A recently updated study by MailChimp highlighted the fact that segmenting an email marketing list is an effective way of yielding better open and click-through rates.


  1. Run a flexible email marketing campaign

An effective email marketing campaign should be organised in such a way that it is possible for people to change the frequency of reception of, say, your newsletter from, as an example, once a week to once a month.

  • Giving them this option reduces the chance that they will unsubscribe from your list.


  1. Personalize your message

Another strategy that can be used in order to run an effective email marketing campaign involves not only having a properly structured message, but also going a step further by personalizing the emails.

  • People are much more likely to respond to messages that are directed to them as individuals, and most email marketing companies include this service.


  1. Measure your success and make changes where necessary- Email Analytics

An effective email marketing strategy involves more than just reaching out to the right segment of the market with the right content.

  • As a marketer, you also need to be able to take a step back in order to analyze the effectiveness of your campaign.
  • You need to know, as an example, the number of people who are actually opening your emails.
  • It is also important for you to track how many of these are being converted into leads and sales.
  • This is where Analytics tools such as Google Analytics come in handy.

Email marketing is, at the end of the day, all about generating more leads and more business for your firm, and there are various other methods out there that can be used to make this possible.